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Stilton with Porto

Special Christmas recipe

Early December is an excellent time to prepare for Christmas eve and the New Year! And if you’d like to design something cheesy and original, here’s a traditional Christmas recipe.

The “stilton in Porto” takes just a couple of weeks to prepare. It’s as easy as that: you take a bottle of sweet Porto wine, make a hole in the top of the stilton head to the size of the bottle, open it, and push it down into the hole, et voilà! All you have to do is to wait!

After a couple of weeks, the wine will soak in the whole head, and you will have a gourmet delicacy.
If no stilton is available, other soft blue cheese like Roquefort or Fourme d’Amber will do. Any sweet wine will do, too: Porto, Sauternes, Monbazillac, sweet Gewürztraminer, or Muscat. Choose what you like the best!⠀
Shall we start preparing for the festivities?

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