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Welcome to my page! I am Galina Danard, cheesemonger and cheese teacher in Paris.

I’m all about spreading the love for cheese! As a cheese expert, my mission is to share my passion for cheese, making sure everyone appreciates the amazing craftsmanship and cultural significance behind it. I want to preserve cheese traditions, promote top-notch quality, and create a cheese-loving community that explores the endless varieties of cheese and experiences the sheer joy it brings.

Welcome to my page
Who am i and what I do?

cheese expert

with extensive knowledge in cheese production, flavors, textures, and aging process.

cheese teacher

imparting my knowledge and passion to aspiring cheese enthusiasts and professionals

writer and guide

with skill set that combines my passion for food, storytelling, and visual creativity.

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Buckle up and join me on this delicious adventure as we explore the world of cheese together. Welcome to my blog!