galina danard,
member of french federation of cheesemongers
and international guild of cheesemongers

About my way

Back in 2013, I started my passionate cheese journey. I had the awesome opportunity to earn a diploma in Cheese History from the University of Rabelais (Tours, France). And you know what? The very next year, in 2014, I got the qualification of being a “Sales Advisor in Cheese and Dairy Products.” Talk about a cheesy achievement, right?

From 2015 all the way up to 2021, I was the Founder and CEO of “Fromagerie Danard” in Paris. It was such a blast because I got to combine the art of traditional cheese sales with my own special twist—a dedicated tasting area where folks could dive into the tantalizing world of cheese and wine pairings. Pardon me for bragging, but it was quite the hit! We were chosen as the number one cheese restaurant in Paris in 2017!

But you know what they say—life’s all about new adventures! So, since April 2021, I’ve jumped into a brand-new journey as a self-employed entrepreneur with my very own project called “Partout Fromage.”

And now spreading knowledge is just as important to me as enjoying a good wedge of cheese. That’s why I’ve also had the pleasure of sharing my expertise as a trainer at CIFCA in Paris and the famous Academy of Cheese in London. It’s been an absolute joy to pass on the passion and keep the cheese community thriving!

So there you have it—my cheese-filled journey up until now. Who knows where the future will take me? One thing’s for sure, though—I’ll always have a love for cheese that’s as strong as the stinkiest Camembert

my industry involvement

french federation of cheesemongers

Right from the start of my journey, I was proud to be a member of the French Federation of Cheesemongers. Being part of this federation has been a true honor for me, connecting me with like-minded individuals who share the same dedication and enthusiasm for all things cheese. Together, we work towards preserving and appreciating the rich and diverse cheese heritage of France.

international guild of cheesemongers

In 2022, I was honored to be recommended to join the International Guild of Cheesemongers. This recognition acknowledged my achievements in the field of cheese. Becoming part of this international community of expert cheesemongers has given me many chances to collaborate, learn, and expand my cheese expertise.

guild of fine foods and Academy of cheese

I collaborated with the Guild of Fine Foods in Great Britain. Initially, I taught at their Cheese Academy, sharing my knowledge with cheese enthusiasts. It was rewarding to see students develop a passion for cheese. Later, I became a judge for the World Cheese Awards. It was a privilege to evaluate exceptional cheeses from around the world and experience their diverse flavors and textures.

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