Butter, butter, butter…

So, I will fulfil my promise and show you how seriously butter is taken in France. You would never have guessed how many classes and subclasses it is divided into! I’m going to talk about pure butter, no margarine, no additives, pure dairy cream! Here we go! ✔️ The most common, ordinary kitchen butter should […]

Stilton/Porto quick recipe

How to prepare it in a day Remember my recipe for stilton with porto posted yesterday? Did you like it? Usually, it takes at least two-three weeks to prepare a cheese like this so that the wine has completely soaked into the cheese and the flavors and aromas of the cheese and wine have entirely […]

Stilton with Porto

Special Christmas recipe Early December is an excellent time to prepare for Christmas eve and the New Year! And if you’d like to design something cheesy and original, here’s a traditional Christmas recipe. The “stilton in Porto” takes just a couple of weeks to prepare. It’s as easy as that: you take a bottle of […]

Use By or Best before?

Good to know Food labels provide a wide range of information about foods. They show nutritional information, ingredients, and a range of different dates.⠀“Use by” and “Best before” dates are often confused, but the differences between them are easy to remember once you know what they are.⠀“Use by” dates indicate when a product is no […]