Abondance: pairing with wine

Young Abondance cheese has a mild and delicate flavor profile, characterized by fruity and slightly nutty undertones, along with a pleasant buttery taste. The cheese also exhibits a gentle tanginess.

As Abondance cheese ages, the fruity and nutty notes become more pronounced, and the buttery richness intensifies, creating a luscious and creamy sensation on the palate. The tanginess also evolves into a more robust and distinctive character. With further aging, the cheese may develop hints of caramel or toffee-like sweetness, offering a delightful contrast to the nutty and fruity elements.

The texture of Abondance cheese is firm and smooth, with a dense and compact structure and a slight springiness to the touch. When cut, the cheese maintains its shape well and doesn’t crumble easily. The natural rind of Abondance cheese develops during the aging process, adding a subtle texture contrast to the creamy interior. As the cheese ages, its texture becomes more refined, and it may develop small crystalline deposits known as “crunch.”

White wines:

Abondance cheese pairs well with Altesse and Molette grape varieties because their flavors complement each other harmoniously. Altesse, also known as Roussette, offers a refreshing and slightly floral taste, which complements the fruity and nutty undertones of Abondance cheese. Molette, with its subtle and delicate character, provides a gentle contrast, enhancing the cheese’s creamy and buttery notes.

The combination of Abondance cheese with yellow wines like Chalon creates a delightful pairing due to their shared regional heritage. Yellow wines, aged under a special process called “ouillage,” have nutty and oxidative characteristics, making them a natural match for the nutty and complex flavors that develop in Abondance cheese during aging. Moreover, the richness and creaminess of Abondance cheese are beautifully balanced by the vibrant acidity and unique bouquet of Chalon yellow wines.


Red wines:

If you’re looking for a red wine with little tannins that pairs well with Abondance cheese, consider Gamay. This grape variety is known for its light-bodied and low-tannin characteristics, making it an excellent match for the smooth and creamy texture of Abondance cheese.

Gamay’s gentle and fruity flavors, such as red berries and cherry, complement the fruity and nutty undertones of Abondance cheese, creating a delightful pairing. Additionally, Gamay’s refreshing acidity helps cleanse the palate after each bite of cheese. Red Chautagne from the Savoie region, as well as Beaujolais or Bourgueil wines, are all good options to try.

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