Brocciu, best pairings

Brocciu cheese has a light and fluffy texture similar to ricotta cheese. It has a tangy and slightly salty flavor with hints of herbs and grass. The cheese goes well with fresh fruit and honey and is often used in savory dishes such as omelets or salad toppings.

Brocciu cheese is a great choice to pair with figs and mirabelle plums, as the fruits’ sweet and juicy flavors balance out the cheese’s tanginess. The soft and creamy texture of the cheese also contrasts nicely with the firm texture of the fruits, resulting in a pleasant overall mouthfeel.

Regarding bread, Brocciu cheese is versatile and can be paired with many different types. However, it’s particularly delicious with fougasse bread and traditional baguette. The soft and fluffy texture of the cheese complements the crispy and chewy texture of the bread, and the tangy and slightly salty flavor of the cheese pairs perfectly with the mild and nutty flavor of the bread. Additionally, the herbs and grass notes in the cheese are enhanced by the earthy and savory flavors of the bread. Pairing Brocciu cheese with fougasse bread or traditional baguette is a match made in heaven for cheese lovers.

Just take Brocciu cheese with salt and pepper for a simple yet delicious combination. This enhances the cheese’s  tangy and slightly salty flavor, and adding black pepper adds a subtle heat and earthy flavor that complements the herbs and grass notes in the cheese.

Another great combination is Brocciu cheese and fines herbes. Their fresh and grassy flavors make a perfect match.

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