Discover the Cheese Mondial: A Paradise for Cheese Enthusiasts

Soon, very soon, as early as September, there will be another Cheese Mondial in Tours.

This event is always happening without fail, and I never miss it. However, I understand that it might not be clear to everyone why I keep going. What new things are there to see?

It’s the same question I was asked by my CIFCA students. Does it make sense for new cheesemongers who are still learning the trade to go to Mondial? If yes, then how much time can you fit in to see the most interesting things? Or will it be necessary to go for all three days? What are the must-see or must-do’s? I thought that what I told my students might also be of interest to everyone else.

So, why go to Mondial?

First of all, at the Mondial, it’s interesting to wander around the producers’ stands and talk to each of them, sampling different cheeses from each producer’s range. It offers an enormous tasting base, which is equally divided by region and producer. And since the access is reserved only for professionals, all the participants have time to talk and get the answers to all the questions directly from the pros.

Second, there is the chance to learn about foreign cheeses all in one place. There are always representatives from “traditional” cheese countries (the best companies from England, Italy, Spain and others) and « new » countries such as Brazil, China, or Israel. Looking at what’s happening in those countries, tasting the creations of local cheesemakers is a rare opportunity.

In addition, many conferences and roundtables are organized every year at the Mondial. On the website, you can find a recording of some of the events at the last Mondial.

Naturally, there are also competitions. If you want to be on the jury, you have to reserve half the day for a cheese competition (all professionals can participate as jury, you just have to contact the organizers). And cheesemongers from around the world will compete in a single day at the World Championship of cheesemongers. And don’t forget about the third one – the contest of young cheesemongers. You’ll see that being young doesn’t mean being under-prepared.

For those who prefer to figure things out for themselves, I recommend going to the Mondial website and reading about this cheese festival for yourself. There, you can also submit an application form to get a badge for access to Mondial or sign up to be a jury member for the cheese competition.

Finally, the most important advantage of Mondial is meeting cheese fans from all over the world. I am always thrilled to meet new people who share the same passion for cheese as I do. Please let me know if you are also going to Mondial this September. Maybe we’ll have an opportunity to meet?

I’m sure you’ll have a great time if you decide to attend. Don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions. 😊

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