Fourme d’Ambert: pairing with wine

This cheese hails from the heights of Forez, situated between Saint-Etienne and Roanne. It belongs to the blue cheese family and is made of cow's milk, making it one of the milder types of blue cheese. This cheese is produced under PDO protection.

It has a creamy ivory center with a slightly buttery texture and flavors that remind you of forest undergrowth. The cheese has a subtle smoky taste and is not too salty. Its delicate flavor and soft, round taste make it perfect for platters and cooking. Fourme d'Ambert is truly unique among blue cheeses.


Traditional association

It pairs well with naturally sweet white wines like Sauternes, Jurançon, and Monbasillac or sweet red wines like Banyuls, vintage Porto, Riversaltes, and Maury.

Original association

Commonly associated with light red gamay wines are regions such as Côtes-du-forez, Côtes-d’auvergne, some Touraine and Anjou, as well as Beaujolais. For those seeking more powerful red wines, options such as Médoc, Madiran, and Irouléguy are recommended, particularly if the wine has been aged.

For connoisseurs of rosé: Côtes-d'Auvergne.

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