Ambassade d’Auvergne

If you want to get to know the cuisine of the Auvergne region of France, you won’t find a better address! ❤️

Here you find lovely service, and superb cuisine, where the slightest taste or perfume is in its place. The aligot (an Auvergne recipe of mashed potatoes with spices and young tomme fraîche) and a special menu with black garlic are considered a place’s specialty. I couldn’t get past the aligot, as “noblesse oblige” as French people say. I took the truffle version, and I didn’t regret it. With perfectly cooked meat (and saignant is hard not to get overcooked), it was a wow!

But even before the main course, there were hot entrees (chestnut soup and snails in cream sauce), which are worthy of a separate praise song in their own right.

We asked for a recommendation of an Auvergne wine for this feast, and we were not disappointed at all.

Well, it ended with a cheese plate (how could I do without it?) and crème brûlée with black garlic (it was a discovery for me, and (shame on me), I gobbled up almost everything by myself even though we took it to share for three.)
So when you’re in Paris, stop by. This place is worth visiting.

Ambassade d’Auvergne, 22 Rue du Grenier-Saint-Lazare, 75003 Paris

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