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My dear readers, let’s get to know each other better.

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My name is Galina Danard. I have been living in Paris for the last 20 years. I love my city very much, and I love France very much. It is impossible not to fall in love with this country: the joy of life and the ability to enjoy every minute literally flows in the veins of the French.

Indeed, they owe this to the French love of good food. Who hasn’t heard of French cuisine? Every region, every big city can boast a whole list of things that have been produced here for a long time and that you can only taste there!

My favorite product that totally won my heart was cheese. Wine lovers and connoisseurs will understand me because cheese and wine have so much in common! Both products are literally mirrors of the earth that gave birth to them and the hands of makers that touched them. Nothing explains the concept of terroir better than wine and cheese.

Me neither, I couldn’t resist the charm of cheese. When I was young, I was just a lover of good food in good company, but over time I got sucked into the cheese life and decided to dedicate my professional life to cheese fully.

Photo by Jonny Gios on Unsplash

After studying everything I could and getting all the professional diplomas available in France, I opened my cheese store with a cheese bar. The years spent behind the counter of my store were unforgettable.

But time goes on, and the professional path brings us all to new horizons. My way has led me to a career in teaching. I have a chance to teach cheese tricks in three languages (French, English, and Russian) and all available formats (online and offline). The pleasure of sharing my knowledge and experience is incomparable. But even more satisfying is my own everyday learning because the world of cheese is so changeable and endless!

I’ll be writing a lot about what’s going on in my colleagues’ lives and the industry news. Believe me, cheese love brings together many fantastic people, each worthy of a personal book!

In this newsletter, I’ll be writing a lot about my favorite, cheese. But not just about it. There will also be memories of my experiences and advice for future colleagues and students. If you, too, dream of becoming a cheesemaker, welcome!

And for those who are going to keep their careers, my notes on the gastronomic places and traditions of Paris and of the entire France will be helpful. French cuisine does not consist of cheese alone!

I will be glad to listen to your comments and suggestions. And see you soon!

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