Brocciu, best pairings

Brocciu cheese has a light and fluffy texture similar to ricotta cheese. It has a tangy and slightly salty flavor with hints of herbs and grass. The cheese goes well with fresh fruit and honey and is often used in savory dishes such as omelets or salad toppings. Brocciu cheese is a great choice to […]

Bleu d’Auvergne, best pairings

Bleu d’Auvergne is a semi-hard blue cheese with a creamy texture. It has a sharp, tangy flavor and an intense aroma. The cheese has a distinct blue mold running through it, which gives it its characteristic appearance and taste. It is made from cow’s milk and is aged for around four weeks. You can try […]

Bleu d’Auvergne, pairing with wine

I absolutely love Bleu d’Auvergne cheese! It has a crumbly texture with blue veins running throughout the cheese. The flavor is bold and tangy, with a slight sweetness, and the distinct aroma is often described as earthy or mushroom-like. Similar to other blue cheeses, Bleu d’Auvergne has a notable salty sharp taste that we can’t […]

Abondance: pairing with wine

Young Abondance cheese has a mild and delicate flavor profile, characterized by fruity and slightly nutty undertones, along with a pleasant buttery taste. The cheese also exhibits a gentle tanginess. As Abondance cheese ages, the fruity and nutty notes become more pronounced, and the buttery richness intensifies, creating a luscious and creamy sensation on the […]

Abondance cheese, best pairings

Today, let’s dive into some yummy pairings for Abondance cheese, a classic French cheese from the Savoie region. This cheese is so delicious with its firm, smooth texture, natural rind, and fruity and nutty undertones. It’s rich, creamy, and buttery, perfect for any cheese lover out there! If you’re wondering what to pair it with, […]

🧀🍷 Mastering the Art of Cheese Pairing: A Sensory Journey

Pairing can seem complex, especially in the food and wine industry. But from my experience, it’s the question I get asked the most. How do you find the best pairings? How do you choose cheeses and other elements for a cheese platter or a cheese party with friends? What are the rules? And so on… […]

Brie de Meaux cheese, best pairings

When it comes to the king of French cheeses, Brie de Meaux, the pairing possibilities are endless! This soft and creamy cheese has a rich buttery flavor that pairs exceptionally well with the sweetness and tanginess of fruits and jams. Some of the best flavors that work well with Brie de Meaux are raspberry, figs, […]

Brie de Meaux: Pairing with wine

Brie de Meaux is a cheese that originates from the Île-de-France region near Paris, France. The texture of Brie de Meaux is soft and creamy, with a chalky and hard inner part when it is young. As it ripens, it becomes velvety and smooth, with a delicate consistency that melts in your mouth. However, it […]

Fourme d’Ambert: pairing with wine

This cheese hails from the heights of Forez, situated between Saint-Etienne and Roanne. It belongs to the blue cheese family and is made of cow’s milk, making it one of the milder types of blue cheese. This cheese is produced under PDO protection. It has a creamy ivory center with a slightly buttery texture and […]

Langres cheese, best pairings

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